Need Math Help? Practice with Us!

We provide comprehensive, personalized practice apps for Math, Reading, and Writing!  MePower Math BETA available now. 

Parent Attests To Simplicity Yet Effectiveness of Math App.

MePower Education apps could be used by any learner to practice for mastery.  However, our target audience is the Homeschool Community.  In this clip, a parent sets up a math lesson for their child.  The parent also attests to the simplicity yet effectiveness of the MePower app.

Time for learners to practice for mastery using our practice apps, with assistance from their MEPAT!

Our Mission

MePower Apps are developed by Intellifunda, LLC.  Our mission is to have learners fall in love with practicing their homework, even math!  We do so by providing learners with a fun, engaging, customizable practice environment that provides learners the opportunity to practice with their character generated learning buddy - MEPAT!

The Problem/Our Target Learners


Time for learners to witness THEIR power using our MEPower practice apps. Our target learners are struggling to master subject matter content or just the opposite, they are bored and need a challenge! Our target learners could benefit from friendly assistance from a learning buddy. Our target learners are 3rd - 8th graders.

Our solution


We offer learners not only scholarly approved subject matter content to practice with but also a character-generated MEPAT! A MEPAT is a Motivational Encouraging Practice Assistive Tutor.  The learner's MEPAT is there to guide and assist the learner in reaching subject matter mastery!

Our Fully Featured apps due for fall 2019 school semester.

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